Hi there.

I’m a Boston-based playwright, dramaturg, podcaster and collaborative storyteller. You can check out some of my work here.

The Latest:


Non-Player Character goes up at MIT , November 16th-20th! Directed by Brandon G. Green, it promises to be an epic time.

Sideshow Adventure Club

Sideshow Adventure Club, the three-episode live-streamed D&D game, was an absolute blast, and you can still view it on Sideshow Theatre’s YouTube page! Check out the amazing work done by the cast as they fight their way through the land of Velys, and attend the worst county fair in history.

Play D&D With Me!

I recently started a new company, First Time at the Table, which runs online, pressure-free games of Dungeons & Dragons, with an emphasis on new players.

Check us out if you’ve ever been curious to try tabletop roleplaying, but didn’t know where to start!

I Have a Mailing List

Tired of endlessly reloading this page, minute after minute, praying for updates? Fret no longer! Now you can simply sign up for my tinyletter, which I’ll be using to keep everyone posted on what I’m up to. Some real cool stuff is coming up, and I hate few things more than spam e-mail, so I promise not to annoy you.

Recent Chalk Productions

Chalk has had two productions recently:

  • A digital reading during the Covid-19 epidemic as part of Mirrorbox Theatre’s Out the Box festival, directed by Cavan Hallman
  • The West Coast premiere in a November 2019 production at 18th & Union, directed by Amy Gang.

Short Plays in South Korea

In August 2019 I had a slate of short plays produced by 15 Minute Theatre in South Korea; check out the video above for some highlights! The whole process was completely magical, and the results speak for themselves.