Web Musings Clearinghouse

This is what happens when I work on Paper City Phoenix for a while; I wind up reading all sorts of ridiculously awesome things aboutthe Internet, on the Internet. I guess it’s all part of the “aggragation” phase of writing. Here’s a few neat ones from lately:

I need to get this book (which also seems like it’d be a good read for dramaturgs or librarians):

People are going to be the new keepers of the flame,” proclaims Steve Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation, a book that celebrates humans as “essential software” in today’s technology.

His Big Idea: We need quality filters for the daily data deluge that overflows from our inboxes, Twitter feeds, blog posts, Google alerts and Facebook notifications.

And speaking of curation and presentation, here’s a beautiful and really clever way to demonstrate the way WiFi is all around us. (It would be pretty interesting for True Places, as well, it being a map and all):

And, lastly, a situation that might help Gale from PCP sleep a bit better at night: some countries are archiving their internet. (Their way saves a bit more paper, too.)

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