A Lesson in Leading Tones

There was a band I can’t remember in high school that used to end their concerts by having the guitarist play the first seven notes of a scale, loop the last note so it just kept playing, put the guitar on a stand and just walk off without resolving the scale.

So, yeah. This is kind of like that, only Batman.


Phew. Thank you.

2 Comments on “A Lesson in Leading Tones

  1. Last night I was thinking about this post while listening to the second movement of Beethoven’s third symphony. It is, in its own way, similar to the Robin compilation above; the theme of the 16 minute movement is played twice, beautifully, in the very first minute. The 15 remaining minutes dance around it, giving you fragments of and variations on it, but never again giving you the full theme, for which you’re programmed to listen.

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