A Children’s Treasury of Shameless Priscilla Plugs

It can’t all be philosophical musings and singing pugs. Sometimes, a man’s gotta get the word out.

As a trip to the main page will tell you (or a trip to my twitter page, or a glance at the “Announcements” column), I have a show going up in the DC Fringe, and by all accounts it’s going very, very well. How well? This well:

“Every year I go to the Capitol Fringe Festival in the hopes that I will see a play like Priscilla Dreams the Answer.”
-Josh Fixler, DC Theatre Scene

Nu Sass Productions world premiere presentation of this play gives it just the inventive and skillful premiere that it deserves. Crafted perfectly.”
-Ian Buckwalter, Washington City Paper

“The audience is sure to enjoy the journey for Truth along with Priscilla in this delightful production.”
-Teal Ruland, MD Theatre Guide

“This world premiere of Walt McGough’s play was amazing – just why I love Fringe.”
-Lisa Carr, 100 Plays Project

Needless to say, the ladies of Nu Sass have done very well by this play, and I can’t wait to get to see it in person at the last performance on July 22nd. If you’re in the area, you should see it, as well; only three performances left!

Now. Back to the funny videos and rambling.

One Comment on “A Children’s Treasury of Shameless Priscilla Plugs

  1. Hey Walt,
    I think you forgot a couple of important thoughts, like these:

    From The Washington Post!
    “Priscilla Dreams the Answer” is disjointed, charming and bewildering, and somehow makes emotional sense — in short, playwright Walt McGough has captured dream logic exactly. – Fiona Zublin

    Priscilla Dreams the Answer is very much like a dream. For the short time that it lasts, it is stunning, and like any good dream, you leave wanting more. -Ian Buckwalter, Washington City Paper

    Couldn’t be any better, could it??

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