Raising the Stakes

I keep meaning to do a post on all the wonderfulness from the past two weeks (Priscilla winning Best Comedy at the Fringe, getting to work with Mame Hunt for five days, Mark Bly not only getting but actually laughing at a horrible Mercator pun in my script), but I just can’t get off my duff. So instead, I’ll get back in the groove easily, with a perfect illustration of storytelling commitment, courtesy of Doctor Who head writer Stephen Moffat.

You have to be willing to make your audience worry. You’ve got to be willing to put your characters in actual peril, and force them make decisions that are actually difficult. And you’ve got to be willing to stand by it, because the whole point is to make people feel ways about stuff. What would be the point otherwise?

(Of course, putting characters in peril is easier when you can resurrect them the next week, but still. An object lesson.)

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