Supplemented Show Promotion

An experiment in enjoyable advertising.

It's about spies! What's not to love?

So, it’s that time again. I have a show going up! And you’ll all be happy to know that it’s going to be really, really good. Tech week is proceeding apace, and there are sounds and lights and spies and fight choreography and all sorts of awesomeness to see. Plus: a ghost!

Of course, the impending opening of The Farm means that it’s time, once again, to make this blog less of a random-thoughts-repository and more of a round-the-clock-media-saturation-machine. Which is a bummer. But also necessary! Because selling tickets is a good thing.

The thing is, I always feel kind of disappointed when artists’ websites are only used to hock their particular product. I mean, it’s good and it’s important and yay new media and audience interaction and all, but it’s not really the kind of thing that inspires repeat visitors. So, I’ve been thinking about how to do this as painlessly as possible, and here’s the deal.

I am going to advertise you. I am going to keep it as interesting as possible. But I am also going to entertain. From here on in, every post you see pitching The Farm, or giving information on The Farm, or linking to an interview about The Farm, will also be supplemented by something non-Farm-related. It will be something fun, or fascinating, or even freaky. But not Farmish. And it will hopefully make it worth reading to the end of each post.

Is it a deal? Great! Let’s get started.

Plug of the day: I did a guest blog post over at Playwrights Perspective (the BPT blog), regarding the particular genre that The Farm occupies. Or, rather, genres. Spoiler alert: it gets messy. Go check it out!

Requisite Link to Buy Tickets
Go buy! Go buy now!


Supplemental Fun Thing: This is what it looks like when someone gets hit in the face with a water balloon and the balloon doesn’t pop. In SUPER SLOW MOTION.

Seriously, you guys. That’s a real thing. It’s like the smurfs and T-1000 had a baby and then launched that baby out of a cannon at his face. That exists in the world. And now you know.

One Comment on “Supplemented Show Promotion

  1. Walt! I will participate in both the shameless plugging of your new show (!!!congratulations!!!) and the consumption of your entertaining tidbits 😀
    I’m sure The Farm is going to be totally super great, and if it weren’t a 500-mile commute, you better believe I’d be there on opening night!

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