Rise up!

The effort to start the New Year with some momentum has gotten a boost: I’m featured as one of the Boston Globe’s 2012 Artists on the Rise. Click through the link to see just how seriously I take playwriting. (Hint: I take playwriting very seriously. You can tell by the leather jacket and brick wall.)

Of course, in the process or boiling down 10 years worth of writing into a single, 300-word article, some things get condensed or left out. I did a basic sum-up of my year back on Saturday, but a few other folks and groups also deserve more thorough shout-outs: SpeakEasy Stage Company for making great art and helping me pay the bills in the most rewarding way possible, Chicago Dramatists for getting me started on this ridiculous professional path, Sideshow Theatre Company for giving me a constant home for craziness and theatrical robots, Playwrights Commons, who along with Fresh Ink are making Boston even safer for new plays, Gregg Henry and the Kennedy Center for being willing to completely overbook themselves in the service of young playwrights, and Kate Snodgrass and everyone else at Boston Playwrights and the BU Playwriting program for just being all-around amazing.

And one final plug: the Boston One-Minute Play Festival is coming up this week! I have two plays in it, and wrote a blog post for the OMPF Blog about my process. Long story short: driving yields sad plays, and massages yields plays about penguins. It’s a very simple equation.

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