Dear George Lucas

Please be aware that, because of the prequels, this moment is possible in spite of you, not because of you.

If it weren’t so freaking adorable, I’d be mad right now.

(via i09)

Once Again: Pixar Gets It

And Brad Bird is the man.

You know, in the prologue of the film, there’s a moment when Mr. Incredible positions himself in front of a hurtling train and, for a fleeting second, he winces. “It’s quick, maybe a second long, but it’s a shot to tell everyone that ‘This is going to hurt.’ Those little touches, if you are diligent about them, they get the audience really involved, because that’s the reality that they know. This is blown often with superheroes.


The original Star Wars trilogy was on TV today. Which makes for a great chance to observe Harrison Ford’s most nuanced, layered moment on-screen ever.