Some Days…

You get too much of a good thing.

I have enough trouble with hangnails.

This guy had to remove an appendix. His own appendix. BY HIMSELF.

Remind me to never go to Antarctica without at least two trained physicians, so there’s always one spare to help fix the other.

The Chicago Tsunami

Chicago Tsunami

A designer has made a map showing what effect the Japanese tsunami would’ve had on Chicago. Both my old apartments are gone, and the Swedish Bakery too. This must never be allowed to happen.

The Price of Gadgetry

A pretty intriguing look at the tech manufacturing industry in China, specifically Foxconn, where iPhones are born. The whole thing is fascinating, but I loved this sentiment in particular:

My heart is with the caretakers. But I believe that humankind made a subconscious collective bargain at the dawn of the industrial age to trade the resources of our planet for the chance to escape it. We live in the transitional age between that decision and its conclusion.

It’d be nice to see the culmination some day soon. Cold fusion, anyone?