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Grey Line

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Non-Player Character
Comedy, 120 mins. (3M, 3W, 2 NS)
Katja wants to be a game designer. The Internet has other ideas.

Most Recently: World Premiere at San Francisco Playhouse

Grey Line

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False Flag
Drama, 120 mins. (3W, 1M)
Hank said he knew too much, and now he’s dead. Tori has questions.

Most Recently: World Premiere at Dramatic Repertory Company 

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Brawler IconBrawler
Drama, 90 mins. (1W, 3M)
Adam is the NHL’s most feared man, and he’s stewing for one last fight.

Most Recently: Rolling World Premiere at Boston Playwrights and Kitchen Theatre Company

Grey Line

Drama, 90 mins. (2W)
A post-apocalyptic mother-daughter play, set inside a crudely-drawn chalk circle.

Most Recently: Rolling World Premiere with Fresh Ink Theatre Company and Sideshow Theatre, 2015

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The FarmThe Farm
Drama, 90 mins. (2M, 1W)
Two spies and a ghost square off in the basement of Langley.

Most Recently: World Premiere by Penguin Rep Theatre (Stony Point, NY)

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Pattern of Life Blank_Pattern of LifePattern of Life
Drama, 80 mins. (2M)
Two explosions connect a drone pilot and a Pakistani villager across thousands of miles.

Most Recently: World Premiere by New Rep Theatre (Boston, MA)

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Priscilla Dreams the Answer

Priscilla Dreams the Answer
Comedy, 60 mins. (3W, 2M)
Everything was okay for Priscilla until the aliens showed up.

Most Recently: Published by Playscripts

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The Haberdasher!

The Haberdasher!
Comedy, 2 hrs. (2M, 2W)
A swashbuckling farce for four actors, set in the old, romantic times.

Most Recently: World Premiere with Argos Productions (Boston, MA)

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Paper City PhoenixPaper City Phoenix
Comedy, 2 hrs. (3M, 3W)
Complications arise when Brenna gets possessed by the Internet.

Most Recently: Produced by Tympanic Theatre Company (Chicago, IL)

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Dante Dies!! (and then things get weird)
Comedy, 90 mins. (1M)
One actor brings an entire hellscape to life, as Dante searches for his lost love.

Most Recently: World Premiere by Sideshow Theatre Company (Chicago, IL)Grey Line

True PlacesTrue Places
Comedy, 80 mins. (1W, 4 non-gender specific)
Rose is looking for a new direction. The cartographers are here to help.

Most Recently: Workshopped by Sideshow Theatre Company (Chicago, IL)

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Short PlaysShort Plays
Comedies, Dramas, you name it
10-minutes and one-acts of all varietals, featuring talking socks, polar bears and mad scientists.

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