Priscilla Dreams the Answer

Priscilla Dreams the Answer

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Priscilla was feeling pretty boring, until the aliens showed up. Now she’s the most important person in the universe, and the fates of multiple planets depend on her. It hasn’t made her feel much better, but at least it’s something to do.
(Comedy; 60 min.; 3W 2M)

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  • Produced by Fresh Ink Theatre, Boston, MA, December 2011
  • Produced by Nu Sass Productions, Washington D.C., July 2011
  • Staged Reading in the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage Series, Washington D.C., April 2010
  • Staged Reading at Chicago Dramatists, Chicago IL, March 2009


  • “McGough’s play zips by in a mere 50 minutes, but it’s no lightweight.” -Jeffrey Gantz, The Boston Globe
  • Winner, Best Comedy, Capital Fringe Festival 2011
  • “Disjointed, charming and bewildering, and somehow make emotional sense — in short, playwright Walt McGough has captured dream logic exactly.”
    Mark Gail, The Washington Post
  • “Manages to be both a heady and emotional take on an aliens-among-us story, along with a healthy dose of often absurd humor.”
    Ian Buckwalter – Washington City Paper
  • “Stunningly written by Walt McGough. With quality work like this, who knows what other dreams may come.”
    Josh Fixler, DC Theatre Scene

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