Short Plays

A handful of ten-minute plays (and one one-act), assembled from here and there. Click on each play’s title for a sample.

Two Socks Discuss Loss

Navy and Black have lost their mates, but just because they’re lonely doesn’t mean they’re glad to be paired up. A wooly, comic meditation on grief. (Comedy; 2 actors, gender non-specific.)

  • Produced by Performance Lab, Boston MA, as part of the twelfth annual Boston Theatre Marathon, May 2010.
  • Finalist, 2010 KCACTF Ten-Minute Play Competition

Clean Sweep

Kyle and Jennifer have it all: a TV, two computers, a comfy couch. If only their Roomba would stop trying to kill them, life would be okay. (Comedy; 1M, 1W)

  • Produced by Brown Couch Theatre Company, Chicago IL, June 2007
  • Finalist, 2006 Heideman Award


The boy is adrift on an ice floe, and he’s out to prove he’s a man. The Polar Bear has other ideas. (Drama; 1M, 1W)

  • Produced as part of the 2012 Source Festival in Washington, DC

Lost Properties

David has lost something. Something big. Luckily, he has an appointment with the Office, and they’re always there to help. (Drama; 2M)

The Dinosaurs Have a Request

And frankly, they’re tired of your crap. (Comedy; Between 2 and 5 actors.)

  • Produced by Company One in Boston, MA, as part of the 14th annual Boston Theatre Marathon in May 2012.

Fugitive Motel (One-Act)

Lenny and Jackson have adjoining rooms, but took very different roads getting there. Over beers and broad talk, they start to form a connection in the Southwestern desert heat. They might find they’re more similar than not, if they can actually bring themselves to look in a mirror one of these days. (Drama; 30 min.; 2M)

  • Produced by Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, May 2007.

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