Dante Dies!! (and then things get weird)

Partway along the journey of his life, Dante finds himself mourning a lost love, feeling morose and, for some reason, in Hell. Trying to find his way home, he encounters incredible suffering, infernal bureaucracy, some sins of his own, and the aggressive attention of a competitive hot dog eater. Each step downward brings him closer to a personal reckoning with his own story, and maybe a chance to find an answer or two. One actor brings over a dozen different characters to life as he tracks Dante’s progress through the nine circles of Hell in this unexpected and epic adventure.

(Comedy, 90 mins.)


  • “Gets exactly right the poet’s poignant and impossible wish to reunite with a loved one irrevocably lost.”Zac Thompson, The Chicago Reader
  • “A tip of the cap, too, to playwright Walt McGough who takes Dante’s drama, symbolism and insights and ably translates them to our own time and space.”Jack Hafferkamp, Windy City Times
  • “In McGough’s hands, the grand examination of a crisis of faith emerges as a vivid, intimate meditation on loss, grief and regret.”Barbara Vitello, The Daily Herald