False Flag

Tori’s brother Hank likes guns. He also likes: talk radio, survivalism, investigative deep-web forums, and telling Tori about all of it when they see each other once a year. But when Hank is killed in an apparently random shooting, Tori gets a visit from his ex-girlfriend June and can’t help asking some questions. Didn’t Hank say that there was no such thing as coincidence? Didn’t he say he knew too much? Was his death just a matter of chance, or was it part of a bigger agenda, and which possibility is worse?

(Drama, 120 mins, 1M 3W)


  • False Flag takes shape in the form and mood of a thriller, as clues and connections spiral outward, and the show is bracing is its sustained sense of ambiguity and ambivalence.” –Megan Grumbling, Conway Daily Sun