Non-Player Character

Aspiring video game designer Katja and her longtime friend Trent are an unstoppable team against animated monsters in the virtual underworlds of SpearLight, an online role-playing game. But after a humiliating falling-out, Trent marshals an army of internet trolls to wage real-life war against her. Comic and poignant, Non-Player Character is a timely, boldly theatrical exploration of the games we play and who’s winning.

(Comedy, 90 minutes)


  • “So made for theater that you wonder why there aren’t more plays about video games.” -Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Uninitiated or not, you’re likely to find Walt McGough’s “Non-Player Character,” a world premiere at San Francisco Playhouse set in the youth-oriented world of video games, funny and harrowing.” –Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner