Pattern of Life

The mistaken death of a young boy links two men thousands of miles apart. The first, a drone pilot, tries to fight through a haze of guilt and anxiety, and find something human to hold on to. The second, a Pakistani villager, struggles to comprehend the tragedy, and put a face on a faceless enemy. A series of shared dreams lets them begin to see one another, and explore questions of revenge, justice and connection in a time of perpetual warfare.

(Drama; 80 minutes; 2M)


  • Best New Play 2014, Independent Reviewers of New England
  • “There is a vital place for the kind of political theater that local playwright Walt McGough practices in Pattern of Life.” –Ed Siegel, WBUR
  • “This is exactly what theater should be doing for us-helping us to feel and examine hidden, powder-keg corners of our culture and lives.” –David Brooks Andrews, Metro West Daily News
  • “McGough exposes the situation that most of us have probably not thought about all that much, but he seems to suggest that looking the other way is a luxury we can no longer afford.” –Nancy Grossman, Broadway World Boston


  • World Premiere by New Rep Theatre in Boston, MA, June 2013.