The Farm

Something went wrong, but Finn’s not talking. Instead, he’s retiring, and Parker needs to know why. But trust doesn’t come easy at the CIA, and as the two operatives match wits, it becomes clear that they may not even be on the same side. A modern-day spook story that asks how you move on from a life lived in shadow.

(Drama; 80 minutes; 2M, 1W)


  • “Mr. McGough’s script is skillfully structured, with game playing and role reversals between the principal characters.”
    Anita GatesThe New York Times
  • “Taut and absorbing…signals that the 27-year-old McGough is well on his way to fulfilling the significant promise he’s shown for some time.”
    -Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe
  • “McGough has written a taut, realistic play that is based on factual events and is brought to life by three dimensional characters.”
    -Nancy Grossman, Broadway World
  • “An enthralling new piece of theatre…a modern spy thriller of a quality that is rarely seen on stage.”
    Noah S. Guiney, The Harvard Crimson