The Haberdasher!

In the old, romantic time, in France of all places, Antoinette works as a haberdasher’s apprentice, until fate (and a mysterious burglar) intervene. Suddenly she finds herself swept up in a whrilwind of criminals, court intrigue and a curiously counterfeit locket, where the stakes are life-or-death and nothing is as it seems. Which would all be well and good, if she could just find a weapon more substantial than her ruler to fight with. A dashing tale of derring-do featuring mistaken identities and plenty of swashbucklery, with a completely overworked ensemble of four bringing an entire genre’s worth of action to life.

(Comedy; 2 hours)


  • “A fun show with high entertainment value that would be particularly attractive to the young or young-at-heart.” -Danielle Rosvaly, New England Theatre Geek
  • “An exciting new play by Boston’s always-clever, never-safe playwright Walt McGough.” –Brian Balduzzi, ArtsImpulse


  • Argos Productions (Boston, MA), 2014

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