Globe Review: “Taut and Absorbing”

Over at the Boston Globe, Don Aucoin has some incredibly nice things to say about The Farm. Choice quotes:

The Farm, directed by David R. Gammons, signals that 27-year-old McGough is well on his way to fulfilling the significant promise he’s shown for some time.”

“Dale Place…delivers a mesmerizing performance.”

“Parker is played with compellingly intense focus and control by Lindsey McWhorter.”

“Gammons and his creative team, especially sound designer David Remedios and lighting designer Karen Perlow, conjure a brooding atmosphere.”

In short: everybody’s great. Go see this show!

(Aucoin also says the play is an “ambitious blend of John le Carre and Franz Kafka.” If only he’d seen the first draft, where Finn turns into a cockroach at the end.)

Fun Stuff: Just in case you thought I’d forgotten. The mission of Supplemental Show Promotion rolls on, even on the heels of awesome reviews and pull-quotes. Today’s installment, in keeping with the happy vibes, is a fun sound-video-awesomeness edit. Pep up your Tuesday!

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