The Things We Do for Art

So, this book comes out today, in case you hadn’t heard. However, due to both the wonderful fact that I’ve got lots of projects right now, and the less wonderful fact that I have historically terrible self-control, I can’t allow myself to purchase the book until August. Because the second I do, man. It’s all over.

So in the meantime, I get to try to avoid the rampant spoilers that are already being posted upon the internet. Which is fine. I mean, it’s not like Martin is known for sudden and dramatic deaths, or anything.

Anyway, this is really all just an excuse to post this discussion I had this morning, with a friend who doesn’t have the same scheduling issues as I.

Tom: i have read the first chapter

me: I was afraid to ask.
me: They’re all dead, aren’t they.
Tom: oh most definitely
me: I knew it.
Tom: they were all in the same car
Tom: and tyrion was driving drunk
Tom: and right as they were about to hit a tree
Tom: their planet plunged into the sun
So there you have it, folks. I just saved you 1,000 pages.

One Comment on “The Things We Do for Art

  1. I heard this guy is taking off work to read it. Some people understand dedication. I’m just saying.

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